About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to be an interdisciplinary organization dedicated to developing the highest standards of ethics, proficiency and environmental stewardship in the environmental professions.

Our members are public and private sector professionals, students and aspiring professionals who promote excellence in decision-making in light of the environmental, social, sustainability and economic impacts of those decisions upon New York State and surrounding areas.

Our Vision

Be the primary source of unbiased information and forward-thinking on environmental practices

Support the advancement of environmental professions important to New York State as a whole, providing mentorship and a comprehensive network of environmental experts

Encourage better science and engineering-based decision-making that thoughtfully considers the environmental, social, sustainability and economic impacts implications of those decisions

Our Board

President – Thomas Abdallah, Chief Environmental Engineer, Environmental Services, MTA C&D

Vice President – Suraj Jaswal, Operations Director, JLC Environmental Consultants, Inc.

Executive Director – Joshua Gillespie, Environmental Manager, HDR, Inc.

Treasurer – Ronald Ying, PE, HDR Inc.

Secretary – Julie Melançon

Program Director – Kaitlin McCormick, Senior Manager, Renewable Development, Invenergy

Communications Director - Laura Thorne, Laura Thorne Consulting & EPR Co-host

Membership Director – Kim LaCoe